Peter Ferriero is the owner and founder of PF Films. His interest in wedding films came shortly after he received his own wedding video back in June of 2005. He was inspired to make a product that was different than what others were offering at the time.  After working at several locations he opened PF Films in 2009. Quickly, his brand of wedding film became sought after. 

In 2017 Ferriero's film 'The Price of Fame' about Hall of Fame WWE Wrestler 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase was released in 650 theaters nationwide as a Fathom release. Additionally, it was trending #1 on Amazon during the holidays, was in the 'Top Documentary' category on iTunes, and the DVD release was just #1 on DVD in the documentary category. Though he doesn't film as many of the weddings, he's still runs the company, and watches every film that comes out. He's a big part of your day from start to finish! He also acts, writes, and has been a part of a web series, 'Best Web Series Ever' and a TV Pilot 'The Uncle Gerry Show'. Currently, he's producing a documentary series 'Her Name is Chef' with host Leia Gaccione.



Although her background is in classical music, Alison has always had a love for film and shortly after her daughter was born, she decided to pursue it. Her house is full of creatures, including a dog named Waffles, a baby named Duncan, a kid named Jane, and a husband named Mike. She is also a newborn and family photographer when she's not capturing your wedding day ( Special skills include playing the theremin, bartending, and being CPR certified.



She's the type of person who enjoys ditching the plan and just ``going with it``. Not only does it create an element of surprise but also comes in handy when the day just doesn't seem to be going as planned. She has a strange addiction to vintage belt buckles, a problem with sweeping but leaving behind the dirt piles, and is obsessed with her dogs Lucca And Ari. Melissa has recently gotten engaged to her girlfriend of 6 years. She loves trying new food, a good adventure and overall, good company.